Birth Announcements Plaques & Milestone Disc

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Showing all 26 results

Birth Announcements Plaques &

Milestone Disc

Capture special moments and announce your birth with our gorgeous raw plywood discs and Acrylic birth announcement plaque discs, elegant digital designs to capture those first special moments. Raw material for the.

Our milestone discs are reversible with 16 milestones. 3mm, 100mm Discs and

150mm Birth Announcement discs.

Birth Announcement Plaques Announce baby in an extra special way with our birth announcement plaques. Babies name, date, weight and length. These beautiful keepsakes can we drawn on with a ultra fine point permanent marker or whiteboard marker. Made from quality 15cm round and 3mm thick Acrylic.  We digitally designed each disc and our designs are exclusive to us. Quality Australian handmade, Sourcing in Australia and supporting other small Australian businesses. Our prints will not rub off peel or transfer.

This Product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children.

Hot Tip: We have tested and Permanent marker can be easily removed with hand sanitiser that has an alcohol content over 75% making them reusable for next bub or erase a mistake. This will not affect or rub the print off.

Wood Birth Announcement Plaque Sign Capture a special moment with our gorgeous raw plywood discs, elegant raw material for the perfect photo. Birth announcement discs. Announce Baby’s arrival in style with our beautiful engraved wooden plaques. Fill in Baby’s details and then treasure your plaque for years to come. Raw Plywood 3mm 100mm Discs Contains 1 Discs

WARNING! THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A TOY! Our birth announcement discs are for decorative purposes only. Please keep out of reach of children and use under strict adult supervision. Our product may contain raw edges.

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