About Zebra Babies Dummy Clips

About Zebra Babies dummy clips

We have been making dummy clips for years and have one of the largest ranges of safety certified dummy clips in Australia. Our range of dummy chains consist of silicone bead dummy clips, cotton linen dummy chains and polyester ribbon dummy clips. We have a wide range of colours, designs and prints. Even personalised options too. We bring our affordable range to mums all over Australia and New Zealand.

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Why purchase Zebra Babies dummy clips

Zebra Babies dummy chains are safety certified and independently tested to the mandatory safety standards DIN EN 12586. We take our dummy clip making very seriously. We are a fully registered and insured business that launched in 2014. We have years of experience in this industry and 100s of reviews from happy mums, family and friends that have purchased from our dummy chain range.

How to use dummy clips

All our dummy clips have a looped end and are simple and secure making sure the dummy is never lost or detached. Attach the dummy by putting the loop end through the soother and continue to pull the loop over the clip, thread all the way to the end. For our silicone dummy clips lift the silicone top by pushing it up while holding the metal part where it attached to the beads. For our flexi ribbon dummy clips simply pull up on the plastic clip. Attach babies dummy chain directly to clothing on their chest and close the clip.

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How to clean your ribbon or fabric dummy clip

Clean you soother holder with a damp cloth and water only. Do not immerse in water or use cleaning products. Do not sterilize, boil or place in dishwasher. Air dry after cleaning, store in clean dry place. You may machine wash your dummy clip in a protective garment bag. It’s always recommended to rinse well and check for faults before and after each use. Package includes one clip only with the safety & care instruction backing card. Please remove all dummy clip packaging before use, keep packaging in a safe place away from children.

How to clean your silicone dummy clip

Clean soother holder with a damp cloth and water only. Do not immerse in water or use any cleaning products. Do not sterilise, boil or place in dishwasher. Boiling, sterilising, microwaving or extreme heat will cause your dummy clip damage and cause the clip to break. Air dry after cleaning, store in clean dry place.

Dummy Clip Safety

We are a big believer in education of safe products here at Zebra babies and there is a few don’ts with dummy clips. Dummy clips should always be used under adult supervision. Dummy chains should never be used when baby is in their cot sleeping. Never tie the dummy clip to your child or tamper with the length or knots. All our care and safety is included on our packaging at the point of sale.

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Follow Zebra Babies socials to see our dummy clips in action. We share our dummy clips being used by mums every week. If you purchase one of our clips don’t forget to post and tag us on our socials. We love featuring our amazing small business community.

Buy Dummy Clips online

Please be careful buying your dummy clips online! We have noticed lately a lot of non compliant dummy clips circulating online, facebook ads, instagram and in the marketplace. There is so many factors that go into the mandatory safety standards here in Australian. Compliance isn’t just the short description listed on Product Safety Australia. At Zebra Babies we have had all our dummy chains independently laboratory tested to the safety standards and offer one of the biggest ranges of dummy clips in Australia. It’s our thing!

When buying online ask if they are tested and what standards they are tested too, what they are made from, is the business insured and registered? As a consumer you can ask these questions. If the seller or retailer won’t and can’t answer these questions it’s best to stay away. Sites like Ebay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and Temu are the worst offenders. Please be careful.
Ash x 🥰

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