Dummy Clips & Teething Toys

Dummy Clips & Teething Toys - Safety Certified

Shop Australia's Largest range of Dummy Clip. Dummy clips are a safe, stylish and practical attachment for baby’s dummies. Our dummy clips are designed to prevents the dummy from being lost or dropped on the floor. Ensuring that their dummy easy to find and is never too far away. Safety Certified and Independently tested. Dummy chains are available in a silicone beaded design as well as a ribbon design.

Dummy Clips

Dummy Clips

Amber Necklaces

Amber Necklaces

Teething Toys

Teething Toys

Nappy Bags

Nappy Bag

Dummy Clips, Teething Toys, Bibs, Burps Cloths, Baltic Amber Necklaces, Nappy Bags and so much more.

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Zebra Babies, Trusted Since 2014

Welcome to Zebra Babies, the destination for beautiful baby products that combine style, comfort, and practicality. At Zebra Babies, we understand that every parent wants the best for their little ones, and that’s why we are committed to providing a carefully curated selection of high quality baby essentials. From Dummy clips and safe teething toys, our collection is designed to make parenting easier. We are safety certified and independently tested. Meaning our Dummy Clips, Teething Toys and other toys for under 36 months not only comply with the current mandatory safety standards, they have also been independently laboratory tested also. Ensuring the safest products for your little person.

Our brand is built around the belief that every baby deserves a beautiful and nurturing environment. We take pride in producing products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ethically made and environmentally friendly. With an eye for detail and a passion for innovation, Zebra Babies strives for affordability and to stay ahead of trends, ensuring that our range includes the must haves for parents and their little ones.

At Zebra Babies, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our user friendly website makes it easy to browse and shop from the comfort of your home, and dedicated customer service is always on hand to assist with any queries or concerns. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the Zebra Babies Brand — where quality meets care, and every product is designed with love.

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Teething Toys for yout Teething Baby - Safety Certified.

Calm your little ones’ teething discomfort with our safety-certified teething toys. Explore our fantastic selection of first teething mittens, silicone teethers, and educational teething toys. Our teether toys are independently tested and meet safety standards DIN EN 12586 & AS/NZ 8124.Our teething toys are designed to provide relief for your little ones during the uncomfortable teething phase.

Check out our range

  • Teething mittens are perfect for babies who are just starting to explore the world of teething.
  • Silicone teethers are a safe and durable option for soothing sore gums and helping with emerging teeth.
  • Educational teething toys not only provide relief but also engage and stimulate your baby’s senses and motor skills.
  • Our teether toys undergo independent testing to ensure they meet the manditory safety standards of AS/NZ 8124.
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Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces & Amber Bracelets

Teething baby? Soothe your child, naturally with our Baltic amber range. Our genuine Baltic amber necklaces are imported directly from Lithuania, the home of Baltic Amber and the Baltic Sea, where they are beautiful handmade. Amber beads are a great natural solution to assist your child through the misery of teething! Our Amber Necklaces and Amber Bracelets are packaged beautiful in a storage bag as well as care and safety information inside the attached card. The natural properties of Baltic amber can help reduce teething pain and inflammation

  • Baltic amber is believed to release succinic acid when warmed by the skin, which can have a soothing effect
  • Amber necklaces and bracelets are designed to be worn, not chewed and provide a non invasive way to help with discomfort
  • The beautiful handmade craftsmanship of the Baltic amber necklaces and Baltic amber bracelets adds a unique and stylish touch.
  • Each necklace or bracelet comes with carefully curated packaging, including a storage bag and essential care and safety information for your peace of mind.


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