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Nappy bag, what to pack?

nappy bag backpack baby bag back pack leather baby bag

Nappy Bag Essentials

Nappy bags are an essential part of leaving the house with baby. A well packed nappy bag can save the day, but what do you pack apart from nappies? How many of each item do you pack? With backpack nappy bags you can almost take the entire house with you.

faux leather baby nappy bag backpack Australia Afterpay baby bag nappy bag black grey tan brown
Faux leather baby nappy bag backpack Australia

Nappieswipes and bum rash cream.

Quantity all depends on age of baby & how long you are leaving the house. I always liked to have a min of 6 nappies in my bag at all times. We also used MCN ( modern cloth nappies and would take at least 2 with an extra wet bag incase of poop explosions. You can also buy disposable bags to pop your dirty nappies in also. Take the entire wipe packet, wipes are a parents best friend. Don’t forget your change mat, and hand sanitiser . Our nappy bags do include a change mat, Bonus!

Clothes & swaddles

for baby, 2 changes of clothes for baby. A cute onesie and something warmer like a cardigan or long onesie and long pants is a great idea, pack to the season and where you live.

Swaddle Fringe Blankets Cotton - Dusty Pink Swaddle Blankets Cotton 120cm x 100cm Beautiful soft dusty pink. Soft to touch and gentle against the skin. Our muslin cotton blankets are ideal for swaddling, use as a pram cover, nursing cover, burp cloth or play mat. Measuring 120cm x 100cm and made from cotton muslin with the added fringe, these swaddles are breathable and their generous size makes swaddling easy.

A hat and baby safe sunscreen

 keep them safe from the sun.

Baby bucket hat Splash & Fun - Penguin It never gets boring with this baby bucket hat - sun hat! The key feature of this colorful hat is that it is reversible, so it can be worn on both sides. The hat features a colorful design on one side and is plain colored on the other side.

Burp Cloths & Dribble Bibs

Dribble bib baby bibs white peachy floral design baby bib

An essential. Don’t ruin your good swaddles with milk spit, instead of walking around with an old hand towel grab some of our gorgeous bib burp cloths. these guys are a 2 in 1 burp cloth bib.

Bottles and formula

or expressed breastmilk. If you use formula, it’s best not to prepare it before you go. Instead, pack a formula dispenser. Pre measure into each section of the dispenser. There is some amazing formula dispensers out there, we always avoided taking the entire tin unless we couldn’t pack enough in our dispenser. Clean bottles with the required amount of warm water. Expressed breastmilk can be kept at room temperature (no warmer than 26 degrees) for around six hours. Most nappy bags have insulated bottle holders.

Black and Grey Nappy Bag Backpack Nappy Bag Backpack Grey and Black Australia leather diaper backpack bottle holder afterpay zippay baby essential
Black and Grey Nappy Bag Backpack Nappy Bag Backpack Grey and Black Australia leather diaper backpack bottle holder afterpay zippay baby essential

Nursing cover, Booby cream and some spare breast pads if you are breastfeeding

nothing worse then leaking through your breast pads. Anything you feel. That will make you feel more comfortable feeding baby while out and about.

What to pack in a baby bag for older babies 6 months+?

Silicone bibs, spoon, water tight food container with fruit or a food pouch and finger food depending on baby’s age. Sippy cup with water.

Silicone tableware silicone snack cup for baby snacks with lid Suction Bowl & Spoon Set Silicone tableware Australia suction bowl baby baby lead weaning
Silicone tableware. Silicone Snack cup.


or any other comfort items if your baby has one. Don’t forget that dummy clip case or dummy chain.

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Teething toys or pram toys

Keep them entertained while out and about with some toys. Choose toys based on your outing and your baby’s age. A toddler going to a restaurant often requires a lot of entertaining distractions, while a four-month-old may be happy with one teether.

Silicone and Wood Pram Garland Give your pram that little bit extra with Our pram garlands. Our pram grinds also double as a teething toy and will ensure your little one stays entertained while in their pram! The mixture of wood and silicone will make a fun rattle sound as the wood rings tap the wood beads.
Pram garland pram toy safety certified

Mum and dads things, don’t forget about yourself. I never really carried a separate handbag, I always popped my phone, wallet, keys ect, into bubs baby bag, don’t forget your pads or tampons. We also always kept our hospital personal health record book (red book) in our bag too. Hot tip, keep it in a sealed pouch safe from spills.

First aid kits

are super handy and most of the time left out of a nappy bag. In a waterproof container or bag, pack bandaids, antibiotic cream, pain reliever (for you and your child).

It’s always a great idea to check everything before leaving the house and keep it organised for smooth baby outings.

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