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Explore the World of Zebra Babies Dummy Clips : Australia’s Widest Range

Dummy Clips - Flexi Ribbon Dummy Clips baby dummy chain dummy holder Australia pacifier chain clip holder

Introduction to our dummy chains

Navigating the world of parenting essentials can be as challenging as it is exciting, especially when it comes to finding the perfect essential products for our little ones. Among the multitude of necessities, dummy clips stand out for their practicality and charm. Zebra Babies has taken this utility to a whole new level, boasting Australia’s widest range of dummy clips. Designed with both style and safety in mind, these dummy clips are more than just a practical accessory; they’re a statement of care and fashion.

Dummy Clips Silicone Dummy Clips Custom Personalised Name dummy chain Australia

About Zebra Babies Dummy Clips

Zebra Babies dummy clips come in an array of designs, materials, and colors, catering to every taste and need. From silicone beaded, linen and silicone to fabric ribbon clips, each type is meticulously crafted to ensure safety and durability. All our clips have been tested to the mandatory safety standards DIN EN12586. Silicone dummy chains are perfect for a personalising in the large colour range of silicone beads we offer. Fabric clips stand out for their vibrant patterns and soft touch, making them a favorite for those looking to add a splash of color and personality to their baby’s ensemble. Linen dummy clips are the perfect middle ground adding a touch of elegance to any outfit while keeping babies dummy safe.

Dummy Clip Linen Cotton Flexi dummy chain white christening best dummy chains. australia blue green pink white safe dummy chain tested

Dummy Chain Safety

The importance of choosing the right dummy clip cannot be overstated. Safety is paramount, which is why Zebra Babies’ range is designed to meet strict Australian safety standards. Features such as non-toxic materials, appropriate lengths to prevent entanglement, and strong, secure clasps ensure that these dummy clips are safe as well as stylish. Serving functionality, these clips allow parents to express their baby’s individuality while keeping their dummies clean and accessible.

Zebra Babies’ extensive collection of dummy clips offers Australian parents a unique blend of style, safety, and functionality. Whether you’re drawn to the soothing benefits of silicone, the natural appeal of linen, or the vibrant flair of fabric, there’s a Zebra Babies clip to suit every baby’s needs and every parent’s taste. Dive into this playful world and discover the perfect dummy clip that combines practicality with a touch of personal style, ensuring your little one stays happy and stylish, all day long.

Order your personalised dummy chains here

dummy clips dummy chain rubbon light weight dummy chain australian made safety certified sloth whale shark baby unicorn purple pink blue yellow money rainbow australian dummy clips fast shipping

How to Clean your dummy clip:

Clean soother holder with a damp cloth and water only. Do not immerse in water or use any cleaning products. Do not sterilise, boil or place in dishwasher. Boiling, sterilising, microwaving or extreme heat will cause your dummy clip damage and cause the clip to break. Air dry after cleaning, store in clean dry place.

How to use your dummy clip:

Our clips can be used from ages 0+. Attach chain by putting the loop end through the dummy soother and continue to pull the loop over the clip end, thread all the way to the end. Do not tamper with the loop. To open the clip you want to gently pull the silicone top away from the metal clip. We find popping a finger on the end of the clip helps stabilise the opening.

Safety, Care and Use

  • Before each use check carefully.
  • Throw away at first sign of damage or weakness.
  • Never lengthen the soother holder.
  • Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing or the child may be strangled.
  • Soother holder should only be attached to a garment.
  • Soothers holder should not be used when baby is in cot or bed or crib.
  • Soother holder should not be used as a toy or a teething toy.
  • Do not leave child unattended while using dummy chain.
  • Discard after 6 months.

Keep Packaging in safe place away from children

Personalised dummy clips dummy chain custom baby name announcement



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How to clean your FRIGG Dummies

FRIGG DUMMIES The FRIGG dummies line of silicone pacifiers has been thoughtfully designed for your baby's comfort. The outward curve keeps the dummy

How to clean your FRIGG Dummies

How to clean your FRIGG Dummy

Our FRIGG dummies need a proper amount of care in order to protect our little ones from bacteria and viruses and maintain a good pacifier hygiene.


Natural Rubber Dummy cleaning – step by step:

1.       Put the pacifier in a clean bowl

2.       Pour with boiling water

3.       Let the pacifier soak for approximately 5 minutes

4.       Pick up the pacifier and let it dry

5.       Squeeze excess water out of the pacifier when it has cooled down sufficiently

Caution! Do not boil the pacifier in a pot. Our pacifiers are not meant to be boiled; they will therefore be ruined by the high heat.

Pacifier cleaning – how often?

The younger your child is, the more important it is to protect it from bacteria and viruses and maintain a good pacifier hygiene. This is partly due to the fact that a young child’s immune system doesn’t mature until they are three months old.  Premature babies, infants, and babies up to 3 months do not tolerate as many bacteria and viruses as babies over three months. Therefore, the pacifier must be cleaned more often when your child is between 0-3 months old.

Premature babies, infants, and babies up to 3 months old:
The pacifier should be cleaned with hot water every time it has been dropped on the floor. In addition, the pacifier should be cleaned with boiling water at least once a day.

Babies older than 3 months:
Rinse the pacifier once a day under hot water and rinse it under cold water if it has been dropped on the floor.

NB! No matter how much you clean and care for your dummies it is important to replace.

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Why buy your baby products from us Zebra Babies?

Ribbon Dummy Clip baby girl dummy clips with daisy flowers neutral pacifier chain for baby Australia Afterpay
Zebra babies frigg dummies moon phase babies natural rubber nappy bag teething baby baltic amber necklace

Why buy your teething baby products from us, Zebra Babies?

Small Businesses matters!

Safe teething baby products – Small business is so important for the economy, when you buy from a small business you are helping not only a family but you are supporting a passionate dream. We make great quality and safe products, we are passionate about what we do. Our service is reliable and fast. Extensive range with great customer support only a phone call or message away.

I have learnt so much in the last 7 years from what mums want when shopping online, building websites, SEO, digital graphic design, social media and marketing and how to be a product photographer just to name a few. Being able to bring safe, handmade products to the market is so important, from our dummy clips, teethers and pram toys. This was such a big thing for me. I committed, got insured, purchased the standard, sent them off to get tested.

Absolute highlights are getting the emails with the testing reports saying passed, being one of the best feelings. It’s such a hard trot from design to safety certified. Zebra Babies turns 7 this year in September. With the pending birthday I wanted to share a bit about myself and the brand and why us.

Quality Products!

Learning about our product materials and what makes a good and not so good product when manufacturing is so important. Silicone products are a great example. You would think silicone is all the same. It’s simple, durable and looks similar across multiple brands. Our silicone bibs and tableware took over 18 months from first sample to get off the ground because we were never 100% happy with the samples our factories were sending us. From flimsy silicone scoop bibs that didn’t hold their shape left alone catch food or bowls that didn’t have the structure we wanted.

One of the most interesting sampling we did was for our silicone stackers. We worked with 2 factories, same external mould, colours, you would think side by side they are the same product. The silicone come out completely different and one was able to be squeezes and almost folded with no structure, this was a safety issue. We wanted to make sure our brand gave our customers the best silicone toys and tableware out there. Our silicone is high quality, direct manufactured and branded, that’s how much confidence we have in it. 

Passion for my brand and ethical stance.

Baltic Amber was something I personally used for myself and my middle child as well as youngest babe. I thought the product was interesting and if it did what i said, bonus. I was so surprised when I had such great results. I personally wear amber in my daily life for RSI. Our customers message and leave reviews absolutely swearing by it, warms my heart. The range is extensive and stocked in small businesses up and down the east coast from Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Sunshine coast to South Australia. 

Customer Service! 

Mums want an experience when shopping online, from the flow and ease of a website to a beautiful social link they can spy. Above all of that, we want it now. Our next day turn around has our mums emailing regularly saying – “omg it’s here already” or – “I wasn’t expecting it so soon”. We love this! This is what online shopping is about. Beautifully packaged, wrapped and arrives quickly. YASS!

Extensive Range

Find the best products for your newborns or teething babies at Zebra Babies. From Baltic Amber to teething toys. Dribble bibs and burp cloths for all that drool. We have silicone jewellery to keep baby distracted while feeding and dummy clips to keep those expensive bibs pacifiers or FRIGG dummies safe. Natural rubber products and food grade silicone. Nappy bag manufacturer. All products with Australian warranties.  We got you at meal time with our silicone tableware. From suction bowls and plates to silicone snack cup and baby cutlery.

Little bit about me, Ash.

I’m a FIFO wife, mum with 3 awesome babes, Hubby has been FIFO since our oldest was 1(almost 12 years) . It’s life and we make it work. Zebra Babies has allowed me to be there for our kids, with a more flexible work schedule. Before Zebra Babies is spent 3 years as a hairdresser, I absolutely loved it.

I’m such a creative person at heart and love a great transformation. With a severe back injury ending in major spinal surgery I wasn’t going back. My back is thankfully great now. I really wanted to work, do my bit and have something to do that I felt the same about. Had an idea, I kinda slowly walked with it. I remember my first order, opening that first silicone bead order. Sorting the silicone beads and making my first batch of silicone necklace designs thinking I really hope someone will buy them. From there expanding the product range and it being what it is today. I’m so proud of where and what the brand stands for today.


zebrababies 01


Teething baby

Teething Mitten Glove Silicone Bear - Teether Mitt Baby constantly chewing on hands, can't quite grasp objects just yet? These teething mitten gloves are perfect as a first Teether. Made from all silicone, they are lightweight, easy to keep clean and perfect to soothe those gums. Slip over baby's hand for them to grasp the internal bar and watch baby self soothe those teething woes.  The Little bear ears and arms are textured on the back giving that extra soothing effect.
Silicone and Beechwood Teething Ring - Classic Teether Toy Silicone and Beech Wood Teething Ring - Silicone and beech wood teethers are the best of both worlds when it comes to soothing your little ones teething woes. Soft BPA free, food grade silicone will help soothe sore gums while natural beech wood will provide relief as well as assisting with teeth to emerge. Safe and practical teething toy. Ready made, ready to ship.
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