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Let’s Talk Safety

Let’s talk safety for silicone teething toys, dummy chains and silicone necklaces

It’s a businesses responsibility to ensure the products being sold are not only safe but if the product is captured under a mandatory safety standard they must comply. It’s also a must for business to be fully registered and insured.

We have taken all the steps to ensure the safety of our customers with independent laboratory testing, owning all relevant safety standards, correct business insurance, and doing all the research on my manufacturers and suppliers. This process is not only very expensive but time consuming, you can not put a price on safety!

What should you look for when buying teething items, toys for under 36 months & dummy chains?

Is the business a registered Australian business? Is this business insured? Insurance companies require businesses to have testing and own copies of the standards that are relevant to our business. A quick ABN search of the business will tell you if it’s registered.

CHEAP vs SAFETY of your baby – generally if it’s cheap, on eBay or Etsy, it’s most likely not up to the standards.

Safety standards & independent testing – when a business states an item is compliant or meets the safety standards it doesn’t always mean that it was been independently tested, most of the time it means that it has been tested in house via the test methods stated in the standards this is great, but its still not a laboratory tested. This is concerning when these products are usually made by hand and are strung with beads and knots.

Look for the standards – make sure they are correct.

Message and ask the business – if you are unsure ( someone will beat around the bush and dodge answering question) some may claim they are ok because the business they purchased the raw materials from say the comply to the standards.

The items we stock and sell, safety standards are : DIN EN 12586 for Soother holders. Safety of toys AU/NZ 8124 for teething toys and pretty much anything else that comes under a toy for ages 0-36m

Our dummy clips, and ring teethers have been all lab tested.

Silicone Necklaces do not have a standard as they are not a toy nor a teething item. Silicone necklaces shouldn’t be referred to as silicone teething necklaces as this may imply that they are a toy. Intended for mums to wear while breastfeeding, holding baby ect. Our junior range of necklaces is for ages 3+.

This is ruled by the ACCC and Product safety Australia.

If you have experienced an unsafe product, you can report to product safety Australia. All current recalls are also listed on their website. 

This article is written for information reading purposes and not to be used or referred to.

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