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Let’s Talk Christmas! Too Early?

As an online retailer we think Christmas from about april.. not even kidding! But for you folk, you guys start about October, November. We would absolutely love to be posting parcels up until december 24th but the reality is it’s just not going to get anywhere anytime soon, especially with all the holidays as we descend into the new year.

We have decided to post our dates now in preparation. We will not be posting any order from DECEMBER 10th till JANUARY 3rd. Our website remains open after, order will still be accepted but not processed until JAN 3RD 2022. We do not make any delivery guarantees.

We recommend express services from here on out as there is major delay is some of the NSW and VIC sorting facilities as minor delays in other across the country. We do our part to process the order on our end. Usually same or next business day. We have zero control over the parcel processing time from Australia Post.

We would love to wish each and every one of our family, friends, customers, reps, supporters, manufacturers and marketing teams a very Merry Christmas and a most joyful New Year. Without you we would be nowhere. Drive safe, stay well and keep those you loved close xx

We are so grateful for everyone support this year. Have an Amazing Christmas and bring in an amazing 2022!

Be gone 2021.. xx

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