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Baltic Amber, How it works, What Should i Know?

Here is the theory: Amber is tree resin that has fossilised and become hard. Mined into beads and made into jewellery. One of the chemicals in Baltic amber is succinic acid. Some people believe that succinic acid has pain-relieving or healing qualities when absorbed into the skin.

I get asked from time to time how I test the amber necklaces and amber bracelets to make sure it’s genuine. We have an amazing supplier direct from Lithuania but in saying this we like to test my amber anyway. There is actually a few ways. From a hot needle test to a float test and many more. My favourite, ultraviolet light.
As you can see in the pictures below I have a honey raw bracelet. Stock image, a picture taken in normal light and then 2 in UV.
The amber glows while the plastic clasp remains dark. True amber will fluoresce under a black light. From the experience, what colour and how much it glows depends on the type of amber and quality. Some pieces will glow brighter than others and in different shades of yellow-green to blue.

How cool is that!!

Baltic Amber Ultraviolet Light Test
Baltic Amber Ultraviolet Light Test

This article is written from a personal prospective. Always seek professional medical advice.

As per the TGA there are no claims made by Zebra Babies or our direct supplier in the regards to the benefits or dis benefits of Amber products. We recommend researching all avenues to understand Amber. Seek medical advice first if needed.

BALTIC AMBER should always be used under adult supervision, removed at nap/bed times and for bath time also.